UNEP DTU Partnership is providing technical support to 31 countries from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean under the project 'Preparation of intended nationally determined contribution (INDC) to the 2015 Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) GEF Agency'.

The project runs from April 2015 to December 2017 and the implementation is divided in two phases:

Phase 1: April 2015-December 2015

UNEP GEF INDC Support project & GSP for INDC preparation

• The UNEP-GEF INDC support project aimed at helping developing countries prepare their INDCs in 2015. The project's  main objective was to help countries develop INDCs and submit to UNFCC before 1 October.

• The project supported 36 countries (of which UDP provided technical support to 32), of which 35 countries submitted their INDCs prior to Paris COP. Global Support Programme (GSP) for INDC preparation is an enabling activity project to provide tools as well as platform for south-south exchange on the INDC development.


Countries submit their Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) report that meet the UNFCCC Convention reporting obligations

Activity 1: Conducting capacity building workshops for national INDC coordinator and national expert for mitigation and adaptation (May and Jun 2015)

Activity 2: Develop technical guidance material to enhance primary stakeholder and secondary stakeholder knowledge on INDC process and contents

Activity 3: Provide country specific technical backstopping support to the national INDC team and experts working on preparing INDC report.

• Mission to countries: Country missions were taken to help countries in preparation and finalizing INDC report either to help prepare the first draft or to review the draft with the government stakeholders and present to the stakeholders. In average 1-2 missions were undertaken to most of the countries.


Phase 2: January 2016- June 2017

NDC implementation Support by UNEP/UDP

UNEP/UDP is providing NDC implementation support through two projects: UNEP-GEF INDC Support project and Global Support Programme (GSP) for INDC preparation, and the Facilitating Implementation Readiness for Mitigation funded by the Danish Government.


(i) Direct support to countries in enhancing understanding of NDC implementation and institutionalization.

(ii) Development of three guidance (publications):
a. Steps and processes required in countries to prepare NDCs readiness implementation plans;

b. Institutionalizing NDCs preparation and implementation;

c. MRV of NDC implementation, including systems and processes required in-country to enable tracking progress of NDC implementation and reporting to UNFCCC

(iii) Global/regional workshop to promote south-south dialogues on implementation of NDCs and sharing of awareness building on NDC implementation.

(iv) Advisory notes for countries to enhance understanding decisions related in NDC in Paris Agreement.



25 MARCH 2023